Archipelago Boxed Candle - Magnolia

Archipelago Boxed Candle - Magnolia


Delicate Magnolias are blended with Duchess Roses and Golden Honey to create the exquisite floral fragrance in our Magnolia Boxed Candle. Each candle is carefully hand-poured into an elegant glass container and has two safe, lead-free cotton wicks.  For best results: trim wicks to ¼ of an inch before each use.

Key Notes: Delicate Magnolias, Duchess Roses, Golden Honey, Red Currants, Peony Blossoms, and Bartlett Pear.

  • Measure: Approx 4.25” Tall
  • Net Contents: 14 oz. / 400 gm
  • Approx Burn Time: 90 hours